2017 in dances + events for YOU in 2018!

On December 31st, I posted a dance video compilation to Instagram and Facebook, stringing together highlights from all the dances that were done over the past year.

After what felt like an extremely tough year personally and globally, I was surprised to see just how many moments of joy and connection were had. (check out the video here if you haven’t yet.)

what the video didn’t show is everything else that happened between the dancing moments, like:

  • Taking Mom to 49 doctor visits.
  • Commuting through the Lincoln Tunnel 250 (?) times.
  • Being in traffic for 247 of those times.
  • Saying goodbye as my best friend in Brooklyn for the last 8 years moved away.
  • Letting go of half my usual income (not exactly by choice) and having to figure out new ways to make it work.
  • Matters of the heart.
  • Old wounds reactivated.
  • Waking up.
  • Healing in unexpected ways.
  • (All while our country and the world suffered some major blows and devastations.)

also not shown:

  • New friendships in unexpected places.
  • Old friendships cushioning the breakdowns with kindness and love.
  • New layers of strength discovered.
  • Opportunities for reinvention.
  • That night I crowd-surfed at the Gogol Bordello concert, landing sweatily and side-ponytailed into the VIP section next to Liev Schreiber and my best friend who I didn’t realize was standing next to him too.
  • Those nights we uplifted the crowd with our dance and connected humanity.
  • The sacred moments in the dance studio where breakthroughs were had.

Life certainly isn’t only what you see on Instagram. And I don’t make dances because of some luxury I was given to do so. I dance because in between the ups and downs of this crazy ride of life, my soul depends on these moments to move through it, create something with it, and reconnect to something within. I don’t dance because I’m always happy... I dance because I feel EVERYTHING and I decide to let my body speak.

With whatever is in store for 2018... I am committing to dancing through it.

are you with me?

I’m sharing below some events that might interest you if any of the following apply:

  • You want to activate your own creativity this year
  • You want to dance more fully and more like yourself this year
  • You want to be ent ertained/inspired and support causes that spread joy and dance

Read below and click through for details, and of course you can always hit reply and email me with questions. (There’s a dancing human body on the other side of this email who would LOVE to hear from you!)

Wishing you all the best of the best and danciest of the dances and the friggin awesomest adventures that will delight your soul this 2018 and beyond.

Through the joy and sorrows, the ups and the downs...

onwards we dance,

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upcoming events.


You: I want to activate my creativity (and dance while I’m at it)
Me: Come to Ignite Your Spark in NYC on January 13th!

On the 6th anniversary of the very first Creative Fridays workshop I ever led (which then led to this blog you’re reading!), I’ll be getting back to basics and gathering a group of people in a cozy NYC dance studio for a powerful experience of opening up the gateway to your creative power through your body. We’ll dance, write, share, and get in touch with the spark that will light the way in the year to come.


You: I want to be entertained and inspired (and ignite my creativity while I’m at it)
Me: Come to our Open Studio Showcase in NYC on January 29th!

Featuring the works-in-progress of our current You Can Dance Again Group Troupe + Solo Immersion members, this dance show will entertain, inspire, and let you into the process behind the dances you’ll see. Audience participation will be encouraged, so get ready to dance with us!

Break the Glass.png

You: I want to dance more (while supporting causes that make a difference)
Me: Join us for Break The Glass (and dance on it) on February 14th!

I’m leading a flashmob to unite us in solidarity and end violence against women as part of the 1 Billion Rising movement. Want to be part of it? There are 2 versions of the dance you can learn: a basic one and a more advanced one, so that dancers of every age and level can join. I’ll also be creating a teaching video so that you can dance with us outside of NYC! Optional donations will benefit Groove With Me, an organization dedicated to bringing dance classes to young girls in Harlem.