i regret doing this show.

It’s not uncommon for me to commit to a creative project - a dance performance, for example, like our upcoming show on June 28th - and then soon after regret the decision. As in: “Ughhh what the hell was I thinking?! Why did I decide to DO this??”

let’s call this phenomenon “Creator’s Remorse.”

Creator’s Remorse is initiated by an actively thinking part of the brain, which desperately wants to keep you safe from any spotlight, exposure, creative risk taking, or the like. It clings to what it deems more important tasks, like going to bed at a decent hour and making grocery shopping lists.

Its side effects include:
- Ruminating about all the things that could go wrong in the upcoming venture
- Resting your forehead in your hands as you hover over your massive to-do list, sobbing
- Procrastinating on doing your creative work by replacing it with dish-washing, dating app swiping, paying your estimated taxes, or getting stuck in a YouTube rabbit hole.

If not addressed, Creator’s Remorse can be debilitating and detrimental to the process.

The secret to overcoming it?

Acknowledging it’s there. Just seeing Creator’s Remorse for what it is has the potential to ease its effects. Knowing it’s a vital part of the process will help you have a sense of humor through the tough phases of your creative project. And saying it out loud - “I regret doing this show” - will flood your soul with the honesty and resolve to do it anyway.

because when we acknowledge just how hard the creative process can be, we remember why we do it anyway.

We remember that even one moment on stage has the potential to change the future.
We remember that the process is where the magic is, and the product is just a happy accident.
We remember that a life without art is a really empty one.

So we create. We commit. And we do the friggin' show.

You with me?

that’s what’s been up over here, and I’d love to extend an invite to YOU to be there with us live on June 28th in Brooklyn NY at the Dance Rebels’ Revival Show.


feel free to use my promo code JESS10 for a special rate!

Especially if you’re someone who suffers from Creator's Remorse, I guarantee this show will give you the oomph to get through it and get back to the creative work you truly desire to do.

You’ll see inspiring group dance pieces and solos by our dance rebel community, each of whom has been reviving dance in their life for important reasons, a special short film screening by Renee Manzolillo, plus some brand new dance-comedy pieces and videos by yours truly :)

If you can’t make it, but know people in the NYC area who would loooooove to be there, please do share it with them! I’ll welcome them with open arms and a happy-dance.

because the show must go on,


p.s. This show only happens once a year, so don’t wait 373 days to see it, when you could just wait 8, okay? Just do it: www.jessgrippo.com/show