i failed the 30-day meditation challenge

1 week into the #danceinmay2019 challenge, I popped on video to ask the group of participants to ask themselves:

who are you doing this for?

And of course I was asking myself the same question. So many times in the past I’ve participated in 30-day meditation challenges or the like, only to find myself petering out after a few days. Afterwards, I’d judge myself harshly as being lazy and noncommittal.

The self-defeating talk is so common and I think we’ve been trained to do this! To blame ourselves rather than ask the very important question I posed above. (Because when we blame ourselves, we lose power and we seek all the things that capitalism wants us to buy to make ourselves feel better.)

Are you doing it for someone’s approval?
Are you doing it for the perceived authority figure who created the challenge?
Are you comparing yourself to a standard of perfection that just doesn’t exist?

My invitation is to shift from those reasons into the ones that come from YOU.

How about you do it for your personal freedom (and therefore the collective freedom).
How about you to do it for your desire to feel more grounded and confident so that you can be a stronger leader for others.
How about you do it for fun, for your inner child.

Redirecting the focus will likely lead to the ability to carry out the 30-day commitment more consistently, or at least give yourself a break and the ability to resume again if you skip a few days. (Because the all-or-nothing mentality is another way we can sabotage ourselves.)

Whatever you choose to do, remember to do YOU.

Give it a try and let me know what happens?!

proud to have failed,