take your passion & make it happen

I had the pleasure of leading a Flashdance-inspired warm-up at a rehearsal for my dear friend and colleague's project, "23 Skidoo" She let me indulge in leading cheesy 80's dance moves while encouraging the crowd to physically "take your passion and make it happen!"

Although the project itself will be more Pina Bausch-evoking than Jennifer Beals, we found this kind of exercise to be fun, motivating, and energizing.

Check out the footage here. My fave moment is at the 2 minute mark :)


23 Skidoo  will be performed with a cast of 110 dancers on June 21st and 22nd outside of the Flatiron building in Manhattan.

For more information and to donate to the cause, click here

Shandoah is also looking for more dancers and performers to be part of the project, as well as in-kind donations. Email Shan to get involved: shandoahg@gmail.com