4 things to consider when you want more creative consistency

I realized something this week. If it weren’t for a few key reasons, I might not write this blog every week. I would probably allow my bad mood or busy schedule or Netflix browsing to excuse me from it. But I don't. Somehow I've stayed consistent.

So what are the things that foster consistency? Here's a few I came up with that I know help me, and I hope will help you, too, in whatever your current project or creative dream is:

  1. Space. Are you making space for your creative self or is your schedule so full with other commitments that it remains as a wish in your mind but not a reality? Try renting studio space. Yes, pay someone or some place to use their facility so that you are forced to show up. Or, create time and space in your home or in the local park and stick to it. We need space and time to create in.
  2. Deadlines. I'd rather call them lifelines. As much I hate having looming dates ahead, as much as I might procrastinate, I recognize that they are what motivate me and keep my creativity alive. Have you ever taken a workshop and been amazed at how much you  were able to create within it? And then told yourself you'd continue writing, but forgot about it soon after? There's nothing like having accountability and a set time for completion to make things happen.
  3. Audience. Are you sharing your work? Do you have someone there who watches/reads/listens to what you are doing? Could be one person or one million. Something powerful happens in the performance or showing process. Get over the idea that it's better to become known when you're dead and gone. Let people hear you now. And watch how it transforms your process.
  4. Commitment. You say you want to paint/draw/dance/etc. but do you really mean it? Even if you've solidified all of the 3 previous things, if you don't have solid commitment in place, you're not really doing them. Ask yourself why you need to, how you'd feel if you didn't, who inspires you and is inspired by you. Conduct a marriage ceremony to your inner artist.

Which of these are you needing most right now?

Share with me below, as well as anything else that I haven't listed that influences your creative process.

And thanks for being my audience :)