a childhood dream come true

cats"When are you going to become an adult, Jessie?" My 10-year-old cousin Maria asked me that exact question last week. Not sarcastically.

"You don't think I'm an adult now, Maria?" I asked her back.

"You're like half adult, half kid."

"I see what you mean."


She later asked me to perform at her school as part of their Stars On Broadway music concert. Of course. And while I turned down the original request to sing a song from Annie (not really my strong point), I did what was literally a childhood dream of mine: performing the white cat solo dance from CATS.


I couldn't pull together a white cat costume in time, but I did make due with a black one. Although it's a little hard to decipher me from the black curtains in the background, you'll get the gist in this video: It really reminded me of the fact that dreams can happen - even if it's not the original plan you had in mind. In fact, the slightly-altered-dream-plan is usually better than what you could've imagined.


So tell me:

What did you want to be when you grew up?


How would it feel to bring a little more of that dream back into your life?


Read on here for an opportunity to put your dreams into action with me. (I promise it won't involve listening to Jellicle Cats.)


meowing proudly,