a foolproof way to move through pain

“The trick is to metabolize pain as energy.  The key to doing that is to know, to trust, and to act as if a silver lining exists if you are only willing to look at the work differently or walk through a different door.”

~ Julia Cameron


As someone who has been around the block in the world of personal growth and development, it gets tiring to hear over and over again that I can change my own reality. Know what I mean?

Because sometimes it feels like life sucks and pain is real and it’s hard to see past the all the muck that’s fogging up the windshield. Sometimes I don’t want to see past it. I want to blame it on an outside force or my own depressive tendencies and get back to reruns of How I Met Your Mother.

But alas, there are 2 things that reign me back in:

1.     the work that I do as a coach

2.     the work that I do as an artist

Both of these chose me as much as I chose them. Why? Perhaps it's because I needed built-in systems for continually shifting my own reality. If left to my own devices I might never get off the metaphorical couch. (And plus, how many self-help books can one read?)

As I coach someone else out of their funk, I’m reminded of how to get out of my own.

As I force myself to write or dance or eek some form of creative expression out into the world, I feel a sense of relief and remember that it’s better just to do it than to worry about doing it right.

So don’t think yourself out of your pain and into a new reality. It never works that way.

Instead, use this foolproof way to move through pain: use it to create something new and allow things to transform naturally. Channel your energy into something you can give back to the world - however ugly or pretty it may feel. You might even unintentionally help another move through their pain. (You don't have to be certified coach to help someone out.)

And if you can’t see past the muck enough to get there, reach out to a friend. We all need a dance-break intervention sometimes.  (Thanks, Joe, for a much-needed one this week.)

There’s a time to wallow and there’s a time to get off your butt and do something different. Be honest with where you’re at and then go there unapologetically.

because the only way out is through,


p.s. what's your take on this? have you ever used your creativity as a way to move through pain? share with me in the comments below!