how to wake up to your own rhythm

sunshine mosaic "[Insert your name here], wake up."

You will not always be perfect,

but that's ok.

You might not want to work

every single day.

If your mind feels too full,

it's time to let go.

Just release and relax

and the rest will flow.


Because of tomorrow's New Moon in Virgo and other energies in the ether, this is a time of letting go, starting new, and getting into rhythm with your true self. 

I reset my morning alarm clock this week so that instead of the raucous beeping and buzzing that tried to pull me from my slumber, I now have a morning lullabye singing in my ear.

I encourage you to do something similar for yourself.

Although cleaning out and starting new can feel like work sometimes, we don't have to be hard on ourselves in the process.

Ease up and your creativity will thrive.


Coax yourself out of bed with love and grace.

Life is a journey, not a race.

To going at your own rhythmic pace,