a new way to take "time off"

{Part 1 of the "August Artist's Residency" at Creative Fridays}

Maybe “time off” doesn’t have to mean a silent meditation retreat or seclusion in a woodsy cabin for weeks.

What if “time off” simply meant that you had permission to shake up your routine for a bit and engage even more with the world around you. You could explore the things you usually take for granted, talk with people you usually don't bother with, or just have a new perspective and discover new people and places.

It’s amazing what a different environment can inspire.

Since I'm currently in the midst of a routine-shake-up recharging my own creative batteries, I'll let this TED Talk by designer Stefan Sagmeister speak for itself:

What are your thoughts?

Even if you feel far away from being able to take time off from your business or your regular routine, believing it's possible is the first step in getting closer to it happening. Are you willing to believe and stay open to the possibility?

Here's your recommendation for the week: Write out a fantasy scenario of what your yearly work schedule would look like if anything was possible. Write (or draw) what you might see possible in your life as a result of taking more "time off" - whatever that means to you.

As always, share with me below! I'll respond as soon as I can.

to new perspectives,