a plan for bringing more of you to the world

Let's make a pact:

  • To slow down even if it feels impossible.
  • To take care of our bodies, even if it means saying no to people or places or things.
  • To play and connect and dream a lot more.

I'm going to make an assumption here - only take it if it applies - but I think that we spend too much time working and running around and keeping up with some way-too-fast pace that was set by a mysterious force years ago and continues to run our lives. (Ok, maybe I'm just speaking for myself, but saying "we" makes me feel less alone ;)

Am I the only one feeling this way or can you relate, too?

Enough is enough.

Enough squelching your inner artist.

Enough running around so much for other people that you pass by your own brilliance.

Enough wearing your fatigue and tired complexion like a badge of honor.

The world needs art.

The world needs community.

The world needs YOU.

Even in the midst of the holiday season - which I know can be extra busy for most -

Experiment with taking more time for yourself each day. Maybe you'll stop to take photos of your shadow. Maybe you'll decorate your nails in a bright color. Maybe you'll watch movies with a friend instead of working on whatever you "should" be working on.

Give yourself a break because I think you need it. Ok?

A bit of a break, a bit more space in your life, will open up possibilities for you. Now is the time to dream up what you want to create in 2013. It's time to bring more of YOU out in the world....

Are you ready?

Share with me below. 

Tell me what you'll do today to pay attention to your inner artist.

Tell me what you'll let yourself do that you haven't in awhile.

Let's inspire each other and rebel against the workhorse pace.

It's a Creative Friday, after all ;)

slowin' it down,


empty trees
fallen leaves
my shadow breathes
my body sees