advice when things feel mushy

Anyone feeling a bit uncertain?

Not sure what move to make or when to make it?


Welcome to mid-September, or as I like to call it, the mushy stew of uncertainty. If ever there were a time of year when things felt strange, in-transition, or murky, it’s this one.


Why is that?


My dear friend Sarah at Brooklyn Acupuncture Project tells me, according to Chinese Medicine, it’s because we’re in the Earth element. A time for digesting, processing, and being mushy. (That’s totally my interpretation of her way more eloquent words.) Once the fall season official starts, we enter the Metal element, which is a lot more clear, direct, and sharp. Things come to fruition. Metal cuts through the mushiness and creates clarity.


So if you’re putting pressure on yourself to:

  • finish a project

  • make a move

  • decide on the purpose of your life


...lighten up a bit. Just sink into the mushiness and give yourself a break.


The time for cutting through the murkiness will happen when it happens.


For now, enjoy the inbetween.


(Maybe life is just a big inbetween, anyway.)


And take another one of my dear friend’s advice:




Sudden events can happen that will change everything in an instant.


Stop wasting time in your head trying to interfere with what is.


Instead, just dance with what you have and trust the answers will come in due time. {tweet that!}


And leave a comment below if you'd like to express your mushiness through words or dance :)


dancing through the mush with you,