are you serious?

I'm not just saying it as a semi-sarcastic rhetorical question.I'm really asking:

Are you serious?

Are you serious about your self, your passions, your purpose, what you're bringing to this world? Is there something or someone you believe in so much that it fills you with fire inside and makes you feel like a warrior?

I can think of a few and also think it might be time to start focusing on them more. I encourage you to do the same.

As many of you already know me, I love being silly and playful and I love having fun. It comes across in my relationships, social situations, and in my dancing and creative expression. What I might not reveal right away is that there are deeper roots behind the smiles.

We all need to express for deep reasons. And just because some person's version of expression involves saving the rainforests, doesn't mean that your expression of Lady Gaga impersonations are any less serious or powerful. Whether or not you define yourself as an artist, this week I challenge you to write an artist's statement. You can call it your "statement of seriousness."

Include any or all of the following:

  • what you are passionate about
  • who or what inspires you
  • who you'd like to inspire
  • what change you'd like to make in the world

Post it somewhere visible and say it out loud everyday. Channel your favorite warrior action figure (hello, She-Ra and He-Man!) and swoosh your imaginary sword as you say it. Share your statement in the comments below! I'd love to hear it.

The world needs your vision, so please, take yourself seriously.