are you spread too thin?


Are you managing multiple jobs or projects?

Do you question whether or not you have ADD because of your inability to focus on just one thing?


No, this is not an infomercial for a new magic pill to help you focus.

Yes, this is me again writing to you on a Friday with a reminder to check in with your creative self.


If you’re like me, you might tend to suffer from the  “spread too thin” phenomenon, or STT for short.


I get the feeling STT is a common thread amongst us creative types for a few reasons:


There’s the financial demand: “But I need multiple jobs to pay the rent!”

There’s the creative drive: “I can’t give up my pottery class or tango lessons!”

There’s the hesitancy to choose just one thing out of fear you might be missing an opportunity with something else.


Are you with me?


This is top of mind for me because I was recently lured into a major case of STT, which I put the brakes on just this week. The short of it is: I almost took on another job/responsibility that seemed amazing at first, but I later realized it was a bit too time consuming and distracting from my primary mission to make sense for me.


I dreaded the call I had to make to let the guy know I couldn’t commit to the position any longer. And after a crying crisis in my living room and a few key discussions with friends, I picked up the phone.


The result? The easiest break-up conversation ever.


Not only did he understand, but I found that once I voiced my truth there was a huge palpable weight lifted off of me. I suddenly felt gifted with more time and space.


In honor of this learning lesson - and because I know you’ve gone through or will go through something similar at some point - I’m going to offer some points to think about the next time you’re feeling Spread Too Thin.


And just to be clear, I’m not saying that it’s wrong or right to be doing multiple things. I’m just offering up the point that we can be much more productive and feel much better about life when what we are doing is in line with what we truly want.


This is a hot topic and I’d love to hear from you on it.

So let’s start out with a few of my tips and then put in your comments below!


3 Tips To Counteract Being Spread Too Thin


IMG_06021. Have an inch? Go deep. I got this idea from a guy on the street. Literally. (His name is Matt Stillman) Last Friday as I was emerging out of the subway, I saw a guy sitting in front of a sign that read: “Creative Approaches to What You’ve Been Thinking About.” I obviously sat down with him and told him all about my Spread Too Thin feelings. One of the creative approaches he offered was to think about how it’s possible to go deep into something even if you only have an inch of space with it. If I segmented the things I was doing in my schedule and really allowed myself to go deep with each one, it might help. Are you going deep with your inches or skimming the surface of everything you do?

2. The 6-Month Rule. I learned this one from Rick Jarow in his program “The Ultimate Anti-Career Guide.” He asks the question: in 6 months from now if you could accomplish one thing in your life and feel happy about it, what would it be? Thinking of decisions in a 6 month time period really helps take away that “what am I doing for the rest of my life” kind of feeling that can crop up. Can you put most of your attention on one project for the next 6 months and see how it feels? Imagine what you could create. 3. Get Clarity on Your Statement. One of the first things I do when I work with clients is help them clarify their values in the world. This is one I learned from my own coach Joanna. What do you believe in? Why are you here? Why do you create and how do you add value to the world? When you can narrow it down to an artist’s statement of sorts, you can then use that statement as a test whenever you have to make a decision about taking on a new project. Ask yourself: Does this project fit in with my artist’s statement and value system? Does it help me do what I am meant to do in this world?


As you can see, I’ve spent years in exploration around this subject, and my hope is that it can help you, too. All that I’ve invested has helped me continue to grow and manifest my dreams, as well as become an expert at helping you do the same. You can’t and shouldn’t do it alone.


If you feel a calling for support on this, let’s talk. I have openings for 7 spots in my Thriving Artist’s Program and I’d love for you to be one of them. We can start off with a complimentary call to talk more about what you want, what’s stopping you, and how I can help you break through in an aligned and creative way.

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through thick and thin,