are you tired?

Tonight’s note will be quick - Because, I’ll be honest, I’m tired.

In the midst of my excitement about developing this group and wanting to write up the perfect email to share with you today (since today is a very special day – you’ll see why), I realized that I was pushing a bit too hard and the words I was writing just didn’t feel right.

My moment of revelation came during a client session today. We were talking about the years she spent trying countless healing modalities to try and feel better, but her pain still persists and she’s frustrated. I went into that fix-it mindset for awhile too, trying to come up with more things she could do or try. Then I asked her why she was pushing so much and trying so hard. The floodgates opened. We talked about downtime and the value of dropping into that zone of doing nothing and allowing the receiving channels to open. Allowing things to happen without being the one to make it happen. In any cycle or process, we need the time to recharge and take in, to be in the space of the unknown, rather than pushing out and using our heads all the time.

I need some of that, too. Do you?

So I’ll leave it simple for today – Here are 2 things I want you to know:

  1. Today is the start of a 14-year cycle of renewed creative energy. (It has to do with Pisces and some other astrological alignments which you can read more about here)
  2. This coming Friday happens to be the next workshop I’m leading. The theme is on making dreams come true.

Coincidence? I think not.

If you feel the hints of this new phase, or are just plain exhausted and need a space to receive some inspiration, please come.

All the details are here.

And if you can’t come, promise me that you’ll spend time with yourself or loved ones this weekend doing any of the following: napping, taking a bath, seeing a movie or live show, listening to music, digging through old photos or letters… anything that gets you into that open zone of receptivity.

I promise I’ll be doing much of that before Friday!

To receiving all that's good, jess

p.s. you have to check out this awesome 80s song I recently downloaded which might help you out -

It's called "Receiving" by Irene Cara of Flashdance hit fame ;)