why awkward introductions are so valuable

photo37a756Nice to meet you! My name is Jess and I'm a creative life coach. That might sound vague. Well, what it means... I help people, you know, reconnect to creative outlets to feel happier and healthier.... I also have this blog and I write about creativity every week.... and I teach workshops and just started teaching a dance program... Oh, and I make these homemade dance videos! That's really what I do. That's what got me started on this whole creativity kick. So how 'bout you? 

Do introductions ever feel awkward? Like when someone asks you what you do and it turns into a 5-minute explanation? Or maybe you just give a really short answer and then feel bad later because you didn't share your real self?

Oh dear, I've been there. I was there last night, actually. Something similar to the example above came out of my mouth multiple times. I went to a networking event. I was there to meet people and make connections. It took a little time find my rhythm, to find my voice. It reminded me of how scary and vulnerable it can be to say who you are and what you do.

I bring this up today because it's the New Moon in Capricorn and according to trusted sources this is the time to declare who you are and put yourself out there in the world. The energy you activate today and this weekend has the potential to set off long term projects and visions for yourself and your career. No more hiding. It's time to do it!

So here's my recommendation for you this week:

Say who you are. 

Even if it's messy.

Even if you stumble over your words while saying it.

Even if you don't quite believe it yet, but really really want to.

Someone will get it.

Someone will understand.

Someone has been waiting for you.

Your voice will make opportunities show up like magic.

You will learn more about who you are as you say it.

You will create long-term transformation with each small word you speak.

Just say it out loud.


I welcome you to declare yourself here, in that big white box below this post, as well as in your daily life with the next person you meet. Try it out. There's nothing to lose. (And plus, if I can throw myself out there and babble on for 5 minutes at a complete stranger at a networking event, I have faith that you can do it, too, although probably much more eloquently ;)

I look forward to hearing about who you are. And if you're in town next Friday, I look forward to seeing you in the flesh at our Creative Fridays Workshop! It will be all about setting off the year with passion, purpose, clarity, and creativity.

to saying it out loud,