before you stop yourself, remember this

you are a star Have you ever wanted to quit or not even start something because someone else is already doing it?

If so, this story might resonate for you.

(It’s a confession I’m not so proud of, but it ends with an important message.)

When I first saw the video of the girl dancing in a laundromat with over a million hits on YouTube, I had a moment of thinking, “Well, I might as well stop making my dance videos, because who cares about me when this chick is already doing it in such a big way?”

I knew deep down that it didn’t matter, that my purpose was much different than just getting millions of hits on YouTube, and that it wasn’t a competition, but a part of me felt jealous and defeated, like a pouty little girl who didn’t win first place at her talent show.

Fast forward a few weeks later at our last Creative Fridays workshop:

When discussing what kinds of creative outlets we’d like to begin working with, a participant raises her hand to say that she’s been wanting to dance again but felt like she couldn’t do it because it was already my thing.


I was saddened to think that my dance videos would hold someone back in making their own (because my intention is quite the opposite), but it all made sense given how I felt with the laundromat dance girl.

Do you see how that attitude gets passed down?

Well I said to her the same thing I tell to myself and the same thing I’ll tell you:

Do it anyway.

Not doing something with the reasoning of “someone else is already doing it” is a poor excuse.

Can we agree as a collective to let that go?

The truth is, we are all unique and the way you dance or sing or write or knit will be different than the way the next person does. Creative outlets and modalities of expression are the channels through which we allow our energy to be shared with the world. Don’t deny yourself or the rest of the world that gift.

So next time you try to stop yourself from doing something because someone else is doing it, remember this:


Repeat after me:  I am a star.

And I mean that in the literal sense as well as figuratively.

Joseph Campbell says that “…outerspace is within us inasmuch as the laws of space are within us; outer and inner space are the same.”  (from The Inner Reaches of Outer Space)

Every element on this earth, including you, is here because of the combustion of a star.

And since you were literally born out of stars, you are one too. And as a star it’s your duty to shine brightly and genuinely as yourself. Your light will not dim your neighbors’-- in fact, it will help illuminate theirs.

We might not all be a “famous” star or have millions of YouTube hits, but we each light up the universe that we create for ourselves. And that’s a special duty.

So let’s make a pact to not hold back our light, to keep creating in the face of doubt or fear, and to commit to ourselves as the creators of our own world, supporting one another in making our dreams come true.

Are you in?

Have you ever stopped yourself from shining?

How does it feel to know you're a star? 

Let us know in the comments below! The only way to get over this is to put it out in the open. 

shining with you,


P.S. to the “laundromat girl” Angela Trimbur – I’m totally over that whole jealous/self-defeating attitude towards your video. It’s awesome and I think you’re awesome for helping to inspire me and many others to keep dancing. Thank you, Angela!

P.P.S. Is there someone in your life who could use this message? someone else you want to support in shining their light? Click here to spread the starry message!

P.P.P.S. (Added on May 30th) - I was psyched to receive Rob Brezsny's Astrology Newsletter this week with this article as the feature: I'm a Star, You're a Star. Serendipity! I always love his creative words and intuitive guidance and I whole-heartedly recommend signing up for his newsletter here.