being alone vs. being social


As artists and creative people, we need alone time to swim in the soup of our own thoughts and feelings. We need to make sense of our experiences, to reflect, process, and express whatever is in us.


But as human beings, we also have other needs: time to be out and social, visit family, go to parties, hang out with other people.


I’ve always struggled with this balance: Too much time out and about and my artistic self feels cheated. Too much time closed in and my creative work can start to feel forced and boring. And don’t forget about all the time it takes to get our basic needs taken care of: eating, sleeping, working, caretaking, etc.


Maybe you can relate?


Although I’m not a fan of the word, I’m pretty sure “balance” is key here. Our need for alone time ebbs and flows. What’s important is that we get real with what we truly need and then take the actions necessary to honor it.


So take a moment right now and check in with yourself -


Are you craving more self-time or are you in need of social support?


Say no to invitations if you need to fly solo, or create invitations if you’re ready for a posse.


After a stretch of social functions and time with some of my favorite people, I personally will be switching to alone time next week. I’m psyched to get into my own version of Rocky-training-mode (cue the music “Eye of the Tiger”) in preparation for my performance on October 19th! I’m planning for ballet classes, home-cooking, quality sleep, client time, writing, and...watching Flashdance.


If I start to feel bored or overly-methodical, I’ll let you know, but don’t be offended if I can’t hang out. Ok?


How are you dealing with the balance of alone time, social time, and survival time?

Tell me in the comments below and let’s support each other in keeping it real.


to being human,


p.s. Don’t forget that alone time is very conducive to making dance videos. check out my latest here: