how being YOU will make a difference

YOUHere we are, post-Valentine's Day. After a day when everything is supposed to be about love, not everyone might be feeling it. So let me take the opportunity to tell you that in whatever state you find yourself - heart-full or heart-broken - you are loved.

And while I wished I could have been everywhere with every one of you yesterday, I realized that the best way I can share my love is through what I know how to do best: dance.


Yesterday I danced for love, I danced for my cousin Massi who is in the hospital, for my best friend who got broken up with via text message, for my dad who walks in pain, for my mom who holds him up, for my grandparents here and in spirit, for the man who has shown up for me, for women who struggle with their bodies, for young girls who are just discovering their bodies, for all that and more.


I danced on Broadway in the window of ABC Home & Carpet as part of the One Billion Rising movement - started by Eve Ensler and V-Day - where literally a billion people all over the world rose and danced to end violence against women. Later that night, I watched footage of women and men from around the world who were also dancing for the cause - and not all of them were in places that were safe to dance. I don't take it for granted that I was (relatively) risk-free while dancing in a public window (by choice).


It's taken me awhile to comprehend that my dancing can actually make a difference. And so I want to remind you that whatever your "thing" is - the most obvious or the most hidden gift you have - it's not frivolous or crazy or dumb or already-done. It is you and when you are fully and authentically being you and expressing it, you are going to make a difference whether you like it or not.

And if you feel like you don't know exactly what your "thing" is, that's ok. Experiment. Play. Explore. You can have multiple things. You can try dancing.

With that, I'll leave you with a dance video. It was made at the end of a 6-week workshop series I taught for a group of awesome women who wanted to get back into their dancing selves - Flashdance-style! Check out our parody on the final scene from the 1983 Flashdance movie:

(More dance workshops are on the horizon, so sign up here if you want to be the first to know when)

And in the comments below, tell me one thing you'll do today to express your self in you-style.

In the words of Irene Cara:

"Take your passion and make it happen!

".... you can dance right through your life."


love times a billion,