black friday / small biz saturday... my offer to you!

photo_14_b899aeI know you’re probably busy - whether it’s shopping or working or spending time with family. As I write this,  I’m sitting beside two of my little cousins, watching Woody Woodpecker episodes. (We’ve already made rocket ships and christmas ornaments, and danced conga lines all over my mom’s house.) I’m grateful for them and how they remind me to be a kid again. Before we all continue to get swept up in the day and the weekend, I wanted to share some things with you:

1. Our Creative Fridays Showcase is happening in 2 weeks! Stay tuned for announcements about our amazing sponsors and raffle donations. Be sure to RSVP today.

2. There’s a new coaching program starting in 2014 and you're invited to check it out. It includes group work, private sessions, a special retreat, a supportive community, and a Showcase for you to share your work. It’s for you if you want to do any of the following: dance again, paint again, write consistently, express your truth, feel like a kid again, and make important changes in your life in the new year.

In honor of Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, I’m offering YOU a private 30-minute call me. We’ll talk more about the greater visions you have for yourself, what might be standing in your way now, and how I can help you break through to achieve exactly what you want - creatively and genuinely. If the new program sounds like a good fit, I’ll share the details with you.

You must email me back by Tuesday Dec, 3rd to claim one of the 10 spots that are open. The call will happen over the next couple of weeks but you have to write back by Tuesday to ensure a spot. All you have to do is send me a message, say “sign me up!” and I’ll be in touch to schedule from there.

It can be hard to prioritize yourself in the midst of the holidays, but if there’s something I’ve learned, it’s that self-expression is not selfish. Your creativity and expression is bound to have a positive influence on the world around you. Don’t deny yourself or the people in your life.

Email me and we’ll talk. 

thankful for you, Jess