the busy or bored see-saw

Ever notice that when you have a lot of time on your hands, it feels impossible to get anything done?


And then there are super busy times when you’re working like a dynamo and accomplishing more than is humanly possible….



You’re busy and wishing you just. had. some. downtime.

You’re bored and wishing you just had something to do!

Funny, i’n’t it?


I call this the busy-bored seesaw.


And here’s an antidote to that dilemma -


Create "Busy-Bored Reminder Lists."


Let me explain. Watch this video and/or read the step-by-step guide below:

Here’s how it works:


  1. Start 2 new lists. These can be on sheets of real paper or electronically in 2 separate word docs.

  2. Title the first list “WHEN BORED, REMEMBER:”

  3. Title the second list “WHEN BUSY, REMEMBER:”

  4. Fire away on each of them to create a go-to cheat sheet of ideas, activities, and reminders you’d want for yourself when those times come.


Here’s an example of mine:



  • sometimes it’s ok to be bored

  • Netflix is really awesome

  • organizing and cleaning things feels good

  • you might be busy again soon, so enjoy this time

  • cook something

  • call a friend

  • make a dance video

  • write stuff



  • breathe

  • make sure you have groceries and snacks on hand

  • take lots of dance breaks

  • breathe

  • you will function better and get more done when you take care of yourself

  • ask for help if you need it

  • breathe and dance it out some more


Those are mine - feel free to adopt some points for yourself and add your own!

The next time you’re firing through your busy-body checklist or staring into space as the time ticks away, you’ll be relieved to remember you created these lists.


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Back to you - 

Are you in a busy or bored period right now?

What reminder was helpful for you to hear?


I’d love to hear how it goes in the comment box below.

And if this was helpful to you, please share it with someone you know who would love it, too!


Our creativity is cyclical, so we must be prepared for the rainstorms as well as the droughts.


with you through it all,