clearing out to start fresh

july moon calendar What a week it’s been.

If you’ve found yourself:

  • in crying fits
  • with a fever
  • in the bathroom 75% of your day (i.e. stomach flu)
  • stuck on the couch with barely enough energy to watch Netflix
  • having your cell phone completely die on you, to top it all off…

...Then you’re definitely not alone.

Even if you didn’t experience the physical extremes, you might have noticed an energy shift this week. There was a new moon on Thursday, which is the natural reset point of the month and an opportunity to fully let go of the old before setting new intentions and starting out fresh.

What became clear for me when I came out of my hazy sick-day stretch, was something that I had confessed in last week’s post:

I’ve been working hard and pushing a lot, but haven’t been making time for my own creative projects, downtime, or just pure fun.

I’ll even quote myself as I said, “something needs to change… Hibernation happens before growth.”

Enter: stomach flu.

And as I gently emerge from (forced) hibernation, I will tell you that I already feel like a different person. I know that there’s more that needs to shift, and do I know exactly how it’s going to happen? Not yet, but it’s ok. Just saying it out loud and creating an intention is powerful enough to get things moving.

So your mission this week - should you choose to accept -

Ask yourself these questions to create your new moon intentions:

What do you need to let go of that’s in your way of being fully self-expressed or fully connected to your creative energy?

What do you miss? What do you want to bring back into your life?

Then share them with us in the comment box below to make them a reality. 

If you noticed any extra “crap” coming up for yourself this week (sorry for the kinda gross pun), just know that it’s for a reason and it’s your opportunity to get it out in the open so that you can fully let go of it.

It’s time to clear your space so that you can start fresh and bring in more of what you really want. Start anywhere.

I'm moved to close today's post with a flourish of gratitude –

Thank you to my body for slowing me down and forcing me to let go. It wasn’t always pleasant, but I feel much better now.

Thank YOU, friends and Creative Fridays community, for being there to support me in ways you didn’t even realize you do. I received a few unexpected notes and comments from you this week that came at the perfect time – without you even knowing I was sick – and they helped me immensely.

On that note, I'll leave you with a beautiful list our fellow creative Marissa shared with me this week out of the blue. It’s testament to the healing power of creativity and community: You never know when either/or will step in to give you the boost you need :)

A death is the rebirth of a soul

Remember how ephemeral life is

Stop second guessing decisions and live to love and love living

Go back to the basics

Dance in the woods

Take nothing for granted

Use new technology to your advantage

But stop relying on computers and television

Embrace the outdoors

Reconnect with nature and with yourself

Climb a mountain with yourself and realize that you are a force of nature

Spend more time alone

Create more and rationalize less

Embrace imperfections and wear less makeup

Let yourself be raw and naked to the world

Continue to surprise yourself by accomplishing new feats and skills you thought you'd lost or never had

Resist the temptation to let fear take over and do it anyway!

           ~ Marissa Palmerton, Aspen, Colorado, 2012

Don't hold back your words, your dance, your song, your brilliance. You never know who it was meant to help in a rough time.

A big hug and lots of love,