creative fridays meet sunday: an interview

I know it's strange to hear from me on a Sunday, but I have exciting news!

I was interviewed for a series called Soul-Searching & Self-Love Sundays, created by fellow creativity and wellness warrior Merja Willock. The interview on her Glowing Balance website is here. In it you'll hear about the artist who has inspired me the most, the creative desires I have for the future, my tips for overcoming self-defeating thoughts, and more.

Even though I write to you every week, it feels pretty vulnerable, a little scary, to be putting this out there!

I would be thrilled if my story inspires you in some way.

Read it here and let me know what you think!

Big thanks to Merja Willock for making this happen and for the work she does. Be sure to check out her website and join her list!

Wishing you a soulful Sunday, jess