creative pursuits vs. "real world" demands


This week I felt so insignificant in my creative pursuits

that I almost quit.

Perhaps you can relate...


There’s the guilt that comes up for spending time on things that might seem selfish or frivolous.


There’s the financial reality that has you married to your day job.


There’s panic and overwhelm that prevents you from seeing past the stuff on your plate right now.


And so you don’t go to dance/painting/acting class.


You cancel your creative support meeting.


You let other people off the hook, too, who might be involved in your creative pursuit.


And then a few weeks go by and you get pissed off.


Because you’re still in the same reality you were before.


There are still other people demanding your time and energy while you don’t have time for yourself. You are itching to do something.


At some point things will slow down enough for you to gauge whether or not you’re following your dreams and staying true to your inner calling.


When this happens, where will you be?


The good news is: you don’t always have to make a drastic change to ensure that you end up in a place you really wanna be in.

You just have to start carving out space and time, little by little, and stay committed and consistent to the mission at hand.


Creative Fridays is a living example of someone taking one small action each week - a blog post - to get closer to her dream of being a living, working artist. I did not start the blog because one day my entire schedule cleared up and someone handed me a million dollars and said, “Ok Jess, now you can do what you want.”


I started the blog because I had something to say and was dying to be heard. I needed a space to connect to myself in a genuine way, and by doing so, genuinely connect with others.


I thought Fridays would be a great place to start. And I invited you to join me.


The idea for my new program Step Into Your Creative Self came about because of a similar reason. It’s not that all of a sudden I have a ton of free time to put into a new venture. It’s because I know that if you don’t make space for something, it just won’t happen. And after over a year of writing with you and workshopping with you, I felt compelled to provide an even deeper platform for making creative visions come to life.

I know it might seem crazy to spend your time, energy, or money on something that isn’t directly related to feeding yourself or providing income. But in my opinion, what’s crazier is living your life in servitude of survival rather than art and exploration and something... bigger than oneself.

And now, confession time:

This week, because of incredibly amazing news and opportunities at my other place of work (which you’ll read more about below) I almost cancelled this program and I almost didn’t apply for an artistic grant that’s been on my radar. What I’m doing felt insignificant in comparison to the national exposure that this other project was receiving. Excuses that fully demanded my time and energy felt so real.


But I as I began plugging away and doing the work, I realized that I felt calm. I realized that there was more space in my schedule and in my head than I thought there would be.


Then I asked myself the same question I posed earlier - When things slow down in a few weeks, a few months from now, where will I be?

And I realized that as crazy as it seemed, the show must go on.

The work will get done. The program is happening. The application is underway.


So what I feel in my bones that I must say to you this week is this:


Don’t wait for someone to give you permission to create something.

Don’t let the excuses convince you there’s no time.

All it takes is a bit of focus one day each week.

(I know from experience - I promise.)


And so I invite you to take this step with me:

Don’t just read these Friday notes, do something with them. Let them motivate you to make more space for your artistic self and take one more step in the direction of your dreams.


And although I know it’s not going to be right for everyone, the new program I created starts today and you can still join.

It's an opportunity for you to take a stand for yourself and for what you truly desire in your life and your creative world. It's a structured, supported environment with a motivating deadline.

If you feel an inkling of YES after reading this note today, let’s talk and see if it’s a match.


Will you make space for your dreams or will you keep making excuses?


Tell me here, in the comments below. And don’t lie. (I’m really good at telling when someone is lying, although I’m a terrible liar myself ;)


I really want to hear from you on this.

taking a stand and extending my hand,