what daylight savings time means for your creativity

  farmer with pitchfork

Maybe they created Daylight Savings Time as a form of weird punishment.

Farmer guy holding pitchfork who coordinates this custom says:

“Guess what? The winter’s almost over, the sun is about to come out a lot more, but ha-ha, sucker, you have to lose an hour of sleep first in order to get it!” [evil laugh]

Damn you, farmer guy!!

Only kidding. I’m sure he has the purest and kindest of intentions.

Why I tell this odd farmer’s tale is because I’m feeling a bit of that contrasted energy. On one hand, I’m so excited that spring is coming, but on the other hand I kinda want to hibernate a little longer.

Can you relate?

If you read my post last week, you’ll know that I’m very much a proponent of going at your own pace and taking downtime when needed. But I’m also a fan of getting right down to business when the timing is ripe. And the time, folks, is getting ripe. Just like the avocado waiting in my fruit basket.

And so, although it might take some kicking and screaming, I’m here to report that whatever has been brewing beneath the surface, whatever dreams you’ve been holding hostage, they are getting ready to be released into the world. In fact, it’s your job to give birth to something new this spring.

I know, I know, you want to sleep one more hour. You’re sorry for cursing the snowstorms and bitter cold winds because it wasn’t so bad after all...

But I promise you, it will feel so good get the active part of your creativity going.

So tell me -

What are you resisting? What are you getting ready to create this spring?

Tell me here. Saying it out loud is the first step :)

And as I mentioned before, creative energy needs structure or else it is useless. Think about what you want to create, then think about what support and accountability you’ll put into place in order to actually bring it into reality.

And lucky for you, part of what I’m creating this year is a brand new program designed to work with the energies of Spring to help you manifest your visions and bring your creative dreams to life.

This program, "Step Into Your Creative Self," begins at the end of March and culminates in June with a showcase event featuring your creative work. There are still a few spots open and one of them might be waiting for you.

Let’s talk asap to see what’s possible. (Not in Brooklyn? No problem. There are long distance options available.)

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t urge you to even explore the option because I know what a huge and transformative impact it can make - on your creativity, your confidence, your moods, your work, your relationships and other major areas of your life.

And don’t forget that I’ll also be at Brooklyn Acupuncture Project tomorrow for a very special workshop with my friend and colleague Sarah Chase.

If I don’t see you there, I hope to talk to you soon so that we can sign a petition for the scary farmer guy telling him we’re not scared of spring.

getting my sunglasses ready, jess