on traveling, waiting, & discovering truth

If you answered my question from last week's post, then you might have spent more time this week thinking about who you are and what your creative dreams are. I'm curious to know -

Did you? Did anything come of it?

Well I did. And as a result, some incredible things happened.

(No, I didn't get invited to Dancing With the Stars - but good guess!)

Before I tell you what happened, let me tell you something else. I'm not sure if you realize this, but sharing that statement last week about why I dance was pretty huge. Although I've been dancing more over these past few years through my improvised dance videos, there was still something inside of me that had given up on my dream and didn't believe it was possible. Although I put myself out there on YouTube, I wanted to stay somewhat hidden and safe. I was afraid to really own that I'm still a dancer because I hadn't followed a traditional path. But I was compelled to write that 150-word statement last week for a contest I'll probably never hear back from, and something clicked for me.

Here's what happened, in sequential order:

  • I taught a dance class for the first time in many many years (video evidence in the links below)
  • I ran into an old ballet teacher of mine on the subway - a significant influence throughout my teen years who I haven't seen for a decade
  • I recalled the moment when I quit ballet at 5 years old, two weeks before I was supposed to star in my recital. Then had a cathartic moment in a group workshop when I confessed this out loud and cried my eyes out. Repeated this mantra and had it repeated back to me: "I am meant to shine." (Thank you, Joanna, for this!)
  • A vision crystallized of a new program I want to create that integrates dance, health, and personal transformation. I'm over-the-moon excited about it and can't wait to bring it into the world! (more info on this to come soon, because you'll be invited to join me, of course ;)

I'm getting closer to something. Exactly what, I don't know. But it reminds me to remind you:

Stay true. Find small and simple ways of expressing yourself. Don't underestimate the power of crying. Especially in front of other people. Be eager, but patient. Your truth will find you if you don't find it first.

Other family-related events this week have brought me back and forth to my hometown in New Jersey. As I travel from Brooklyn to Manhattan to Jersey to Manhattan to Brooklyn - repeat! - I recall the places I've danced along the way.  The picture above was from the bus stop on the same corner I stood for most of my teenage years, waiting for the 163 bus to pick me up and take me to my city of dreams. Passing through the Lincoln Tunnel, I remember the hundreds of times my mom drove me through the very same tunnel to bring me to my ballet classes as a young girl. Waiting in a hospital room, I perform Thriller to help my dad smile. I've come home.

I'll most likely be in NJ when you receive this email, and I'd love to hear from YOU from wherever in the world you might be:

             Is your truth showing up for you? Have you danced your dance lately?

Share with me in the comment box below. It would light up my world.

shining with you, jess

p.s. I've had the pleasure of hearing from two of you this week about the fact that you actually read these emails every week and get something special from them. Wow! I'm honored and humbled and love the connection I feel in writing to you every week. If you know someone in your life who could also use more inspiration, guidance, or dance in their lives, please forward this on, tell them why you read it, and invite them to sign up. I promise I'll treat them good ;)