me in 2009 performance of Erin Malley's grand gesture

I love the word “discovery.” It evokes triumph, hope, and possibilities. The definition of the word  discover means to reveal or expose, i.e. removing a cover, so essentially the thing we are revealing is not actually new, but had been there waiting to be unveiled.

That’s how I feel about the creative process. Whatever the thing is that you’re in the process of creating – consciously or not – is already there, already inside of you, waiting to be revealed.

I caught a glimpse of that kind of discovery this week when I reconnected with ideas and themes I had started years ago. Inspired by astrological news - thanks to Dawn Miller’s Star Watch– I was compelled to look back to things I had started in October of 2009.

(Brief Astro Interlude: Apparently at that time Saturn started a transit in Libra, which will be finishing up this October. So anything started back in October of 2009 should be coming to completion in these coming months.)

Around that time in 2009 I started taking solo performance workshops and had started a blog (anonymously) to track my artistic process and thoughts. Much of what I started or wrote about seemed to be left unfinished, but from where I stand now I see how it all ties together. It’s amazing how even the seeds of Creative Fridays and the coaching I do now were already there, waiting to be revealed.

Here’s a post I wrote back then:


it hit me...

on the subway this morning, i think i discovered a link between my life experiences and the material i've been thinking about including in a longer show:

my commitment issues have led me to seek out a path that is all my own.

and i can inspire others to do the same.

not wanting to settle or box myself into anything:

- ballet was too restrictive

- couldn't decide on college major (chose individualized study instead)

- holistic health counseling

- different kinds of men, most of whom have their own commitment issues

- seeking help from: psychics, tarot, etc.

- aunt marianne as an inspiration

fear of being alone and the search to connect to others is also in there

and my one-woman show is another reflection of that all.


I also wrote:

i was inspired last night to start a my own youtube channel, anonymously, so that i can feel free to post and not worry about people i don't want to watch watching.

i'm just really interested in telling stories right now. unabashedly honest stories. i don't want to hold back.


the healing power of creativity. taking things from the world and making them your own by giving them back to the world in a new way. keeping with the flow of life - taking in and releasing. trusting the body. shared human experience. create the mold rather than conforming to something outside of you.


Since that time, without much conscious effort, I’ve created a public dance video blog, the Creative Fridays' blog and workshops, and have shifted my career focus to the healing power of creativity. I share this because I never had plans to do any of it, but it happened. And since I still feel like I’m in the mystery of not knowing how things will continue to unfold, I can reassure myself that more is already there, waiting to be discovered.

And I hope this reassures you in some way that your path and process is also revealing itself organically. Continue inquiring, continue seeking, continue creating, and you will be led.

Don’t worry if you feel shrouded in mystery. I think it’s necessary to “cover” things for periods of time. Ideas need time to marinate in our subconscious. They work themselves out and later become a gift.


So my suggestion for you this week is to think back to 3 years ago –

What was happening in your life at the time?

What themes or ideas were emerging?

Allow discovery to happen.

Share your thoughts with me below.

It’s time to create. I’m officially declaring August the month of “artists’ residency” for all of us here at Creative Fridays. What that means is that you can treat it as a retreat, a time to slow down and focus more on creating for creation’s sake. Even if you’ll be working or in your normal routine, you can do small things to shake it up and make more time for yourself and your process. The posts I share with you this month will be all about making that kind of space.

If you’re in the city on August 10th, I encourage you to join me for our in-person workshop on the theme of “Slowing Down to Get More Done.” And if you’re not in the area, stay tuned for the usual Friday emails and gather a posse to join you in taking an artist’s retreat!

To unveiling your brilliance,