fall cleaning for the creative mind

Tomorrow is the Fall Equinox:The day of equal light and dark, The cusp, The crossroads, The threshold of a deepening process.

After tomorrow, The moon begins shining down earlier upon us, illuminating what we might not have wanted to see before, or just showing things to us in a different light.

This is the time of year to assess:

  • What is or isn't working for you in your life?
  • What needs to be let go of so that you can feel free to thrive?

Ugh. Ok, let's stop right there. [Sigh.] Even just writing that out feels heavy and sad.

This stuff is not always easy, I know. So let's do it differently. Let's find creative ways of assessing and letting go -- are you with me?

Here's an example: At last week's workshop, we delved deep into the letting go process, which again, isn't always the lightest of processes. But I had everyone do something really important: We held our "crap" - i.e. the symbols of what we were letting go of (photos, words, collages, jewelry) - and before physically letting them go into the communal trash bag, we danced with the crap and thanked it for being there. Because although some things in our lives might feel like the bane of our existence, there is a reason they are there, and there is something we can learn and grow from.

So I invite you to get clear about what your crap is, and then dance with it until you feel ready to say good-bye.

I think it can be easier and more powerful to do this with witnesses, so call up your friends and make it into a dance party.  Follow these steps:

  1. write down what you need to let go of, what is weighing you down in your life. this is your crap.
  2. find an object or make an object that represents your crap.
  3. thank it for how it has served you and what it has taught you.
  4. play a kick-ass song and dance your heart out holding onto your crap.
  5. by the end of the song, throw your crap into a bucket, a river, a fire pit, or whatever trash receptacle is available to you.
  6. smile. feel free.

Here's a song you can dance to: "Shake it Out"

And here's a place where you can share your experience: Write it Out in the Box Below.  And remember, although there might be "crap" in your life, it doesn't make you any less beautiful, any less perfect, just as you are.

embracing it all, jess