i want you to feel your pain. find out why.

jordanHave you let yourself feel pain lately? Have you surrendered to that volcanic explosion of salty tears and earthquakes in your chest?

Have you just said “I can’t take this anymore!”

I really hope so.

I hope you’ve let it loose to the point where the waves become a gentle pond of sweet relief where at least for a moment you can be still and peaceful.

Here’s why:

Life is for realz. At some point - or many points - you’re bound to experience loss, struggle, transition, darkness, and all the stuff that brings on the tough feelings. Just when you think it’s gone, more can come back.

But don’t be scared. Pain is your friend. It is the biggest motivator you have.

It’s hard to make changes unless you are so incredibly fed up with your reality to the point that it becomes painful to go on.

But if you resist feeling the pain, you’ll remain stuck.

Choices appear:

You can resist the pain, sit in the stuckness and be resentful of the people who seem to have it so easy. You can mute the pain with food or substances or TV. You can ignore it and feel sorry for yourself.


Or you can use it.

You can channel your pain into creation. You can let it uncover the core of your motivation. You can let go of victimhood and take a powerful stand for what you want in your life.

You can choose to dance instead of wallow. 


If you’re going through a transition and are not sure how to get to the greener pastures ahead, I’m here to remind you to not forget about the creative power that’s inherent in you. 

Your creativity is not a luxury to reserve for the moment when everything is perfect again.

Your creativity is your savior right now. Right in the midst of all the tough stuff. 

Your creativity is what will pick up the pieces, smush them back together, and present it back to the world in a new and unique way. In a way that is purely, genuinely, vulnerably you. In a way that will elicit emotions and connection from other human beings, inspiring them to feel something long tucked away. It has the potential to save lives. 


Do not forget this, creative one.

And do not forget that I’m here holding out a hand, welcoming you with a supportive gateway to get your creativity in action.

The creative coaching experience I’m offering is called the Thriving Artist’s Program and it’s a chance for you to fully let go of what’s not working, embrace your creative self, and join a supportive community of people making sh*t happen.

If you didn’t take me up on the offer last week for a complimentary Creative Guidance Session to discuss your situation in more depth and explore if this program could be for you, well, you missed out because all 9 spots got filled up.

Ok - you didn’t entirely miss out -

Because I know there’s a few of you who like to procrastinate and wait til the risky last minute, and because of how powerful this opportunity is,  I am now opening up 3 more spots to talk with me next week. But you must sign up by midnight tonight!

Just click here to sign up. Message me and say “I'm feelin' it."

Remember, we can talk via phone or skype, so it really doesn’t matter where you live. What matters most is that you feel ready to channel your pain into powerful creation and transformation in your life. 

What you’ll get in this Creative Guidance Session with me is a 30-minute space focused on you, time to talk through what’s been holding you back, what you see possible for yourself, and the path we could take to help you get there effectively.

Tap that cursor over here to get started.

One conversation really can change your reality.

Are you ready?

Before you file this post away so that you can think about it and read it again later which you’ll probably forget to do anyway, just email me and sign up for this thing. Ok? 

I don’t want you to miss this chance.

blessing the pain and welcoming the possibility, Jess

p.s. And just to be clear, I’m not saying that a pint of Ben & Jerry’s with a marathon of My So-Called Life is not also a good remedy for pain. It's just not as satisfying because your blood sugar will be all over the place and there's no resolution with Jordan Catalano because it ends at Season 1. Before midnight strikes, experience something different with me.