feeling down? do this to rekindle your spark

adam-levineI didn't write to you earlier because I was up late last night watching a marathon of The Voice. If you haven't seen this tv show before, I highly recommend watching. (Just don't give away the winners because I'm only up to the Blind Auditions Part 5 ;) I sat there crying 90% of the time. Why? Because the show doesn't only feature competition, it tells stories. Stories of people in their teens through their 40s who made their way to this stage, coming from jobs as firemen, ex-gymnasts, professional movers, moms, dads, or just kids in high school with a dream.

And they can sing. They can sing so well, so passionately, that they make Adam Levine, Usher, Shakira, and Blake Shelton turn around in their chairs to catch a glimpse of the person carrying the voice.

We might not all be able to sing, but we certainly each have a story to tell and some kind of dream or vision that pulls us forward.

If you ever feel a little lost, depressed, or not quite sure what's next for you, watch The Voice. Listen to the stories told in words and through songs. Then sit down and write out your story.

How did you get to where you are today?

What's unique about your path?

What is it that you have to say?

Own it.

Maybe even share it with someone. (Share it here, for instance)

Let the process of retelling your story rekindle your dream. 

When you say it out loud, things come to life.

rock on,