a guide to focus & planning for the creative mind

Hey, you.  



Thought you might need a reminder. I do.

It’s been one of those weeks in which - aside from client sessions and this very moment that I’m sitting here writing to you – I’ve been a little…. scattered. All for good reasons, as there are many new and exciting things brewing, but nonetheless it’s been hard to not jump around from thing to thing and feel like a spaz at the end of the day.

Staying focused is something I’ve always felt challenged with. It seems like many of us creative types feel this way. (Do you?) What do you focus on when you have so many amazing ideas and dreams that you want to move forward with?!? Nevermind managing the other day-to-day duties that must get done.


[Hand to forehead with head tilt.]

[Dramatic pause.]

I’m reminded of a moment in an acting class I took a few years ago with Carol Fox Prescott, one of the wisest teachers I’ve ever met, by the way. There was a scene I performed after some coaching from her, which she told me was the best work she’s seen me do. I was shocked because I didn’t feel like I did much. There was no added drama. I wasn’t even moving around like the dancer part of me loves to do. I asked her why she thought so. She said it was because I was fully present. I wasn’t worrying if my hair looked frizzy or if my breath smelled or any of the other crazy things that can flip through ones mind while on stage.

I was focused on what I was saying and doing.


Those are the moments I strive for – on and off the stage.


Because when the mind focuses, spirit steps in.


I’m learning that the only way to get there is to practice and make space for it. And to do some planning. Just like knowing your lines is important for being present on stage, knowing your next steps is important for being present in any aspect of life.

Being focus-challenged myself, I created a useful little form to make this part easier and I want to share it with you. We used it during last Friday’s workshop, and it seemed to be pretty effective.


Click here to download a free creative planning form.

Use it and let me know if it helps you focus.


If you have any useful focus tips, I’d love to hear them! (Lord knows I need the help ;)

Write in below.


And along with my focus-challenged week, I still managed to put together an exciting December calendar, which you can check out here. Just read it one item at a time, ok?

to freedom through focus,