how to make a fresh start

from my childhood room -- born on the 13th! Beginnings and endings are never as clear cut as you think they are going to be.

That thought came to mind (and I felt compelled to tweet it) on January 1st, the day of supposed new beginnings. I was in the bed of my childhood room in New Jersey with a sore throat. I didn't want to be there. It felt anything but new. I felt like a failure to New Year's Day and fresh starts.

And I can't even add a "but then I realized xyz and felt totally better" type of ending.

I actually just went to sleep and woke up late the next morning and repeated that process the next day from my own bed in Brooklyn.

What I will say is that despite the uneventful events that made up this new year's transition for me, it does feel like a fresh start is now in progress.

I'm realizing that the start doesn't happen on a certain date or once something else happens. It starts within me. It's been starting all along. And then it's up to divine timing to help the outer changes move into effect.

So remember that the change starts within you, too. 

Ready for change to show up? Commit to a new practice, and commit to yourself.

Not because you were lazy last year and didn't do it, but because you're ready now.

Tell me, do you know what your practice will be? Are you ready for it?

Here are a few suggestions - please share yours with me in the comments below!

Practices that will cause change in your life:

  • Pick a day - Fridays, perhaps? - and do something each week for your creative self. Write a blog post, rent studio space, go to a class, hold a meeting with friends... you get the idea. (This was what I committed to last January with the Creative Fridays blog you're reading now ;)
  • Join me in a 40-day meditation and miracle-making experience with Gabrielle Bernstein's new book May Cause Miracles. I'm starting this Sunday. I'm ready for a new spiritual practice. (Went to her book launch last night, which clicked a lot of things into place for me.)
  • Dance with me. (Or with someone else, but I like you and it will be fun.) Step into Yourself: Flashdance-style starts on Sunday, too, and it's gonna rock the house! When was the last time someone invited you to star in a dance music video? Hello?!? Chance of a lifetime ;)

Remember as you embark further into 2013 that there will be relapses, blurry edges, and back-steps into the past, but it's nothing you can't overcome with a disciplined mind, active body, and a lil help from your friends.

to starting on your own time,


p.s. Which reminds me - I have a brand new group program starting soon. Come to the Creative Fridays 2013 kick-off workshop on January 18th, and then get ready for a 3-month experience. I'm not revealing details yet, but if you sense it's something you might be interested in, email me so that I can add you to the early-notice list :)