full moon fire

The full moon on Tuesday is in the sign of Leo, and rather than giving you my amateur astrological interpretation of the event, I'll share with you some wisdom from the experts. It's particiularly potent for our creative energy, which is why I felt compelled to share it here! April Elliott Kent, via mooncircles.com, advises us:

"If you're feeling tired and stale, schedule some time alone for creative play. If you've been feeling as though you don't belong anywhere, maybe it's because you're trying to fit yourself into shapes that don't suit you. This Full Moon is an opportunity to step back for a moment and get reacquainted with your passions – to make your own kind of music, as the old song says - and to trust that they will unite you and the people with whom you truly belong."

Do something today, or at some point this week, that lights up your creative fire. And let yourself shine.

It's easy - and safe - to blend in with the background, or focus all your creative energy on other people's visions. But if we neglect our own voice and desires, we'll end up feeling like sad little lions. We may not be doing cartwheels on stage in 5 inch heels like Madonna (did you see the Superbowl half-time show?!?), but we each have our own version of that.

If I went from being the shyest of the shy, to the point where I can post youtube videos of myself dancing, then anyone can. Believe me.

I'd love to see what you come up with this week - please share! With jazz hands, jess