full of it

Full things are on my mind today.The full moon yesterday, the fullness of my schedule this week, the full feeling I've had in my belly. How they all seem to be related...

(Perhaps: The fullness of my schedule under the influence of the full moon kept me from dancing which in turn filled my belly with weird things?)

When I don't dance{or fill in your own thing here} I feel:

  • a boulder in my belly
  • an itchy, antsy, restless feeling that keeps me from sleep
  • a desire to ingest substances like ice cream
  • lost

Does that ever happen to you? Well I have 2 proposals for you.

1 is to join me today at 5pm, in Prospect Park or from wherever you are, in a dance challenge that will put a creative end to a hectic week.

2 is to write a letter to your belly.

It's a great way to stop and check in with yourself if fullness is getting the best of you.

Here are some examples straight from my journal:

Dear Belly, What’s up?

She speaks: Jess, There are weird things floating inside me. I’m not so happy. I didn’t get to move today and I wasn’t touched. I felt like a garbage disposal. You didn’t stop running around, so you never know if you were hungry or not. So you just kept throwing things in. Now I’m left feeling jumbled and sick. I’m pooching out. Need to store the excess you left for me. I know you don’t like this feeling and I don’t either. It will pass. Please just check in with me sooner next time. All it takes is a few deep breaths and a hug.

Dear Belly, What do you want?

She speaks: I want to be a pillow for a loving cheek. I want to adorn myself in shapes that flatter my curves and colors that radiate life energy. I want to engage in movement. I want to lead the way. I want to pulse like your heart and vibrate like your throat. I want to be close to other bellies like me. I want my button to be pushed. And kissed. And cleaned with coconut soap. I want to be stretched and twisted to stay supple and open. All possibilities lie within me so don’t forget to keep me clear and happy. Emptiness is ok sometimes, necessary sometimes. For if there were no void, how would I find a desire to fill it? The longer the void, the more powerful the desire. Don’t rush to fill. Wait. Patience, a virtue, as they say. Vice, so tempting. Weight, so fluctuating. Don’t weigh your self worth. Own it. House it in your belly. Deep in its core: the part that doesn’t fluctuate.


Listen to your belly. Or listen to my belly if you're not on speaking terms with yours yet.

If we don't find ways to express and release, the energy will get stuck inside and make us feel icky. So don't forget to dance or write or sing or do the thing you know you need to do.

“You are rhythm, you are made of flesh, blood, bones and rhythm. Rhythm is what keeps you alive... Things happen to knock us out of rhythm but it is a more natural state to be in rhythm, to be in sync. Rhythm is a spiritual practice and a very inexpensive deep medicine.” - Mickey Hart, drummer of Grateful Dead

To moving from deep inside, jess