get excited about what you're doing

It's hard to figure out where to begin this post. If my words could match the state of my mind (and my apartment) they would probably look something like this: asldkfjseiotudslwerisudklfgiurytvns328974298trour4nfvowlfdsg!!!!!!!

That could be interpreted in a few ways: hysteria, chaos, a big mess, or, perhaps, excitement.

I'll choose excitement.

And after consulting the moon for further guidance on where to go with this, I discover that this weekend's new moon in Aquarius initiates a time to liberate yourself, celebrate your uniqueness, break out of confining boxes, and connect to the freedom you hold in your heart.

Wow. That probably explains the excitement. But with this kind of potential in the air, isn't it normal to feel anxious and chaotic?

What would happen if you truly let your self out? 

As I begin to find this out for myself, here's my report from the field:

It's scary and awesome. It starts out seeming like no one is listening, like the world doesn't care about who you say you are, but if you stay consistent and stay committed to your dreams, all of a sudden the momentum sweeps through and the stage opens up for you.

I've spent the last year on this blog publicly sharing my journey into becoming an artist, practicing the act of telling the world who I am (even when I doubted it myself). Lately, the world seems to be responding back:

  • 988I've been interviewed and filmed twice this week by different companies for the work I do as a dancer.
  • I'll be dancing next Thursday in a window on Broadway for a very important cause for women, which melds the work I do as a women's health coach with my dancing. (please read the details on this and find out how you can get involved!)
  • This Sunday will be the video shoot finale of my latest Flashdance workshop, in which the 8 brave women who embarked on the journey with me will get to "take their passion and make it happen" live on camera.
  • One of my best friends who I've known for 10 years told me the other day, "Jess, it seems like you're dancing more now than you have since I first met you." (When I met her, I was a full-time ballet student)

It might have taken 10 years for me to pirouette in and out of  different realities, searching for who I was supposed to be, but I guess I was in there all along, just waiting for the right time to step out. It's still a process and will always be a process, but I share this because I don't want you to forget to keep going. 

Get excited. The world is dying to know who you are.

In the box below, tell me where you are in your process of becoming, how you feel about freeing yourself, or anything else you'd like to share.

And then jump over here because I want to invite you to be part of my performance in the window next Thursday! Read up on the details and let's rise up together!

always dancing with you,