get moving

This is a powerful week! The Spring Equinox on March 20th, signaling our official entry into the expansive, active spring season, along with the New Moon in Aries on March 22nd are both indications that it's time to light the fire under your butt and get moving! If you were like me this week, you probably found it hard to sit still. (In New York the weather was in the 70s and everything felt buzzing with energy.)

It's even been hard to sit down and write this email.

So I won't fight the energy.

In as few words as possible, here's the message for the week: Get outside, move your body, allow yourself to be seen and heard.

Let's take inspiration from Darcy this week - a Creative Fridays' fan and inspiring woman and healer, she put herself out there and made a dance video:


I encourage you to do something similar!

If you're ready to share more of yourself with the world or just find a way to start being more creative, please connect with me.

The next in-person workshop I'm leading is on Friday, April 13th and we'll get to dive into all of this deeper!

Check out the event page for more details on that and other ways to get moving this month.

To the ever-moving-ness of you, jess