get real with yourself

About 8 months ago I asked you the question: "Do you have a dream?" 

It was February and the beginning of an incubation period. We've now been through a blossoming spring, a fiery summer, and are easing into the crispness of fall, the harvest season, together. We're almost at 9 months. It's almost time to give birth to your dream.

So, my next question for you is: Do you know who you are? 

Look around you at what's happening in your life - are your circumstances lining up with your vision?

It's a special time of year and you have the ability to make dramatic transformation and come into your own power. (Don't believe me? check this out.)

We are a few days away from Monday's new moon in Libra, which is an opportunity to take your dream to the next level. Before you see your dreams come true, it's important to really clarify what they are and who you are, so I encourage you to keep the focus inwards this weekend.

You might even want to write out your story. I had the opportunity last night to write mine when submitting an application for AT&T's Spotlight Performance contest with Dancing with the Stars. It might be a far stretch for me, but it was really valuable to condense my reasons for dancing and doing what I do into 150 words. (I'll share what I wrote below just for kicks ;)

Get real with yourself today.  Who are you and what are you here to do in this lifetime? 

If you're in NYC, join me tonight. I have a truly transformative evening planned for us and can't wait to see what comes of it. If you're not in the area or can't make it, know that I'm here holding space for you and all the dreams that you are incubating.

to the realness of you, jess

and p.s. here's the story I submitted:

What dance means to me in 150 words: As a teenager, dance was my ticket out of the suburbs and into a world of possibility. As an adult, dance has become a creative and supportive outlet, helping me make sense of life and navigate through important transitions and challenges: my journey through healing my body, searching for love, dealing with my dad's stroke and illnesses. Through the instability, I danced. I now know I can always recreate my world through dance and help uplift and inspire others in the process. Although I left the traditional dance career path, I chose to make my own way, keeping my spirit alive by making dance videos and creating an entrepreneurial career for myself as a health & creativity coach. I should be a part of DWTS [Dancing with the Stars] because I am an example of the transformative powers that we all have through dancing. I believe it's never too late to follow your dreams.