a guessing game with a purpose

You know that game “which [blank] are you most like?” -- where everyone goes around the table and tries to identify what kind of animal or car or cocktail each person would be?

I love that game.

And in honor of the coming of Spring, I’m curious to know what kind of plant you are.

This somewhat silly question has context: As I was co-leading a workshop on Saturday with Sarah Chase at Brooklyn Acupuncture Project, we were learning about the Spring season and the wood element which is all about upward growth and the exploding force that changes things, just like a brave little seed that’s willing to pop out of the soil for the first time to greet the sunshine.

Sarah reminded us that to keep the “wood element” healthy in our bodies we not only have to eat seasonally and support our livers, but we have to keep our bodies flexible and mobile. If wood gets too brittle, it will crack.

Of course, this discussion in the workshop inspired me to get everyone out of their chair and embody what this would feel like by pretending to be a particular kind of plant and dancing with the energy of that plant. I couldn’t think of a better way to not only get our bodies moving and stretching, but also to physicalize the visions we have for the rest of the year.

So, back to the original question.

What kind of plant are you?

Do you need to take on the sturdy qualities of an old oak tree? Or the wild, uninhibited outgrowth of weeds?

I’m personally taking on the sunflower: bright, tall and full of magical seeds that can spread around continue to inspire growth. After what has felt like a murky, dreary couple of weeks, I’m ready for action.

Speaking of action, you can take action by watching the video above and deciding which kind of plant persona you'd like to take on. Not only that, but let the exercise help you get clear about the bigger thing it represents for you in your life.

Remember that Step Into Your Creative Self starts next week! A special chance for you and I to delve deeper into what you want to create this year, with all the structure and support necessary to make it happen. Contact me and let's talk more about what's possible. 

Oh, and don't forget to announce your plant persona in the comments below ;)

to growth and greenness,