have ideas with no follow-through?

I spent a long time stopped, blocked, and fearful of moving forward with creative ideas I had. For the longest time I wanted to write a blog, but didn’t because I worried too much about how other people would judge it. I also spent a long time wanting to dance again, but made excuses as to why it wasn’t the right time or how it didn’t realistically fit into my life anymore.  

For me it took a couple of personal wake-up calls to get my creative act together: severe illness in my family, the death of a loved one who was a huge inspiration for me, as well as the trapped feeling I had in my work and daily routine at the time. Something had to change. Something needed to be expressed.


Fast forward a few years later, and I’ve been writing and publicly sharing this weekly blog for almost 2 years. I’ve created my own performance pieces, danced on Broadway and on stage again, led groups of dancers in classes and workshops.


dancing "on broadway" in Shandoah Goldman's 23 Skidoo

competing at UltraViolet Live Copyright NYU Photo Bureau: Slezak


The creative spark is contagious and I want to share it with you.

Not because I’m some kind of superstar guru artist (I’m not nor do I claim to be) but because sometimes all it takes is a witness and a nudge of support to get the fire burning again.


Whether you:

have clear ideas but haven’t been able to execute them yet

or you :

still feel unclear about what you’ll do but know it’s time to express something,


I invite you to join me.


On November 22nd I’ll be leading a workshop called “Bring Your Ideas to Life” which will have all the ingredients necessary to make magic happen in your creative life and beyond.


Sign up here.


I provide creativity-promoting workshops and programs because it’s what I wished I had access to year ago.  As a result of all the research and classes I’ve tried myself, you get to experience only the best of the best nuggets of inspiration, exercises and tools that work, and a supportive community to uplift you in your process.


Why bother?

You may ask, "How can my creative expression change the world or help anyone else? Why bother?"

I used to think that way but disproved my own skepticism in the doing. Art is what sets us apart as humans. It lifts us up in dire times. It keeps us going through the daily grind. (Take Mentoria Hutchinson for example.)


Creativity is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.


What do you need to create and express?


Find out with me here and let’s make it happen.


to the life inside of you,



p.s. Let’s not be typical New Yorkers and wait til the last possible minute to commit to an event. Get your ticket now and in doing so make a commitment to your creative self. If you happen to not be in NYC, email me and let’s talk about virtual options for support available now.