hit the refresh button

Is it Friday already? Since last week, I’ve been to an island and back, I turned 32, I cried on the floor, in bed, in a restaurant, in the park, and I danced into yet another year.

photo by: Hanna Agar

In honor of the cycles and seasons of life, I wanted to pause this week and I encourage you to do the same.

If you have too many ideas floating around that you don’t know what to focus on,

If you’re feeling confused and uncertain about your next move,

If you’ve been moving so fast that you just want to slow down,


Take your time.






Hit the refresh button - in whatever way feels appropriate.


The more time you take to slow down, rest, and refresh, the more energy you’ll have for your next building and growing phase.

Too much output and too much trying will lead to burnout.


So that’s all for today.


Oh! - and one quick birthday request -


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I’ll leave you with my annual dance compilation video that my friend Kevin edited together so graciously. Enjoy and dance on, my friend!

all love,