home: reflections on coming and going

"Home is where one starts from." - T. S. Eliot

I found myself on the evening of the eclipse in a familiar place: my parents' house. The place I grew up, the place whose phone number still is programmed as HOME in my cell phone.

I wondered how I could possibly find a fresh start when the situations around me seem to be pulling me in many directions, especially towards and away from this particular HOME.

I noticed my resistance being there.

I later witnessed my dad put up fights at his temporary home to be able to come back to his real one. "I'm coming home. I don't care, I'm coming home!"

When I started making this dance video, I just had the desire to get out of my head and roll around in the grass for a bit, enjoy the outside while I could. I remember acting similarly as a little girl. And although the song that I'm dancing to was probably written to a lover (Francoise Hardy's "How to Say Goodbye") I felt like I was channeling those feelings towards HOME:


In retrospect, it seems like this video was my eclipse intention in motion:

To create. To transform the tough stuff into art. To remember the little girl who likes to roll around in the grass.


"In my beginning is my end."

- once again, T.S. Eliot


And so I don't have much more to say today, but I do have questions to ask:

How can you use the old parts of you as seeds for a new beginning?

What do you need to say goodbye to?

Share with me in the comments below.


Set your intentions, trust in your dreams, and most of all, don't forget to dance. 

Whatever crazy relationship you might have with your home or your family, my heart goes out to you this Friday.

your homegirl,