how do you know if you've lost your rhythm?

8 years ago, I started a word doc called “Rhythm.”


 I was fascinated with the concept of rhythm -

how it’s in us, physically in our bodies,

how we recreate it through music,

how we dance to it,

and how all that is a microcosm for our daily lives.


At the time, I imagined that I would someday go to grad school and write a thesis on rhythm, using those notes as the foundation.


I didn’t end up in grad school, but I did somehow come full circle with this concept of rhythm, as I study, teach, and live it on a daily basis.


For the most part, I've kept my rhythm - in my body while dancing and in my life - but there have been many times when I felt out of sync and lost it: the times when I wasn't dancing or in my body as much, the times when I wasn't living in alignment with what I truly wanted.


You might be wondering -


What is MY rhythm? How do I know if I’ve lost it?


On an intuitive level you just might KNOW because you feel that internal gauge not quite being in sync. You might feel off-kilter or like a hot mess.


Here are a few other external markers of being out of rhythm with yourself and your life:


  • the way your schedule flows doesn’t feel good and isn’t in line with what you actually want to be doing

  • you feel uncomfortable in your body and often fight against it’s fatigue, weight, or how you “should” exercise more

  • you’re always on the go and don’t have much time to pause, rest, and take care of your basic needs like eating healthy meals or sleeping properly


The list could go on.


Can you relate?


The good news is, YOU have the power to change your rhythm and get in alignment with what truly feels good to you.


I created a video for you to help you get there and I’d love to share it with you now.


I’ll talk a little more about the external markers of being out of rhythm, and then take you through a physical exercise to help you find it again. It’s a really valuable tool that you can use on a daily basis - and I highly recommend you do so!


Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 4.58.10 PM

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Don’t procrastinate on this one. The rhythm in you is craving its flow, so let’s get to it!


keeping the beat alive,



p.s. After you watch the video there's a special invitation for something I'm doing that starts on June 9th. Be sure to watch and read NOW so that you don't miss it!