how to find your true calling

For a long time I struggled with finding my "true calling."

Ballet felt too restrictive, as did traditional psychology or other professional fields.


I would write pros & cons lists about taking a certain path.

I consulted advisors and psychics and friends.

I still felt lost, and not quite at home in myself.


Even up until recently, I thought I had to get really clever about what I called myself. I thought I had to “market” myself as a coach in a certain way. I thought I had to get a certain kind of degree or title to truly find success.


JessGrippo_Day1-739-PROOFAnd then I stopped thinking and I started dancing.


When I look back, thinking never really got me anywhere.

It was in the moments that I followed the impulse of what I needed to do for myself - to heal a wounded part of me or to fulfill a deeper longing - that I was steered in the right direction.


In short, I made it more simple. I danced and I shared that dancing with people.


Now, when others seek me out for help - to get back into dance in their own way, to develop their self-expression and artistry, to connect to their bodies - I’m in awe.

"Is it really that simple?"

And then my inner voice goes, “Duh, Jess. Yes it is.”


I’m nowhere near having it “all figured out” and probably never will, but I am committed to keeping things simple so that I can serve the world in the best way I know how.


How about you?

Where in your life are you over-thinking or over-complicating things?


Pretend you’re talking to a 5-year old and tell them what you do (or what you want to be doing). I’ve found that’s the simplest way to cut out the bullshit and get to your essence.


If you were 5, here’s what I’d tell you:


I’m Jess. I dance and help other people dance their own special kind of dance.


Who are you? (If a 5-year-old asked)


Tell me in the comment box.


And for anyone out there who does want to dance more, click here for a really special opportunity to work with me next month.


To the simplest version of you,