how to find your voice

Coming from a classical ballet background, it took me a long time to “find my voice” as an artist and as a person. I knew how to follow instructions, nail down the proper technique, and practice until my toes bled, but if you put me into an empty studio alone with music, I wouldn’t know what to do. Things are a lot different now, of course, and it took a circuitous path to get here. What helped me most along the way has been support from friends and mentors, which is why I’m so thrilled to introduce you to my friend, colleague, and kindred spirit, Ruth Levy. 

Ruth followed a similar path from classical to self-creating in her singing career, and now she uses her expertise and unique to journey to coach women in finding their own voice through her company Total Singer Support. 

Check out my interview with Ruth to find out:

  • The one question that changed everything during a “dark night of the soul” moment
  • How to move from a classical artistic upbringing to creating your own work
  • The scoop on Ruth’s offer for a 45-minute complimentary consultation to see if her singing coaching is up your alley

Click here to watch and listen!


If you are interested in taking her up on the consultation offer, simply email and tell her I sent you!

If you’ve ever dreamed of singing on stage, or just speaking up more in your daily life, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. 

express yourself or mess yourself, Jess