what i did on vacation, and how it might help you

There was the uncomfortable feeling of packing and leaving home.

The tough transition into "vacation" mode which is harder to do than it seems.

There were rainy days with nothing to do.

There was a foreign town and new places to explore.

There was him. There was me.

And time.

Time that doesn't seem to happen in the day-to-day routine.

I didn't quite feel like myself until the impromptu dancing started to happen.

From that point forward, my hyperactive mind seemed to quiet down.

Life became an art project again.

I stopped worrying about the bridesmaid dress I had to fit in upon return, about the fact that I had to return home at all, about anything other than where we were.

I'm still trying to figure out why, but it's true.

And so whether or not you're on vacation this Labor Day weekend, I hope you make a dance video. Or do something that feels spontaneous and crazy and free and silly and sentimental. Just because. Just because you are you.

Your expression is waiting to be released, and it can do so in the strangest of situations if you just let it.

Roam free and report back in to share your crazy times with me.

your fan,