how to make a decision

photo (4)I’ll take a guess and say that at this moment there’s a choice you have to make. Maybe it’s about what you’re going to do later tonight, or what you want to eat for lunch.

Maybe it’s about which career direction you want to go in or what project you should focus on next.

Options can be crippling, right?

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve always battled with indecision. I’ve believed in indecision. I’ve used indecision as an excuse for not taking action.

But I’m starting to think that indecisiveness is just a guise for fear: fear of what would happen if what you actually wanted came true.

Deep down we must know what we want. There must be truth and certainty beneath the layers of questions and thoughts, pros and cons, advice from your best friend, advice from your mother, mantras and meditation from self-help books, and anything else clinging on for dear life.

The layers. How do we cut through them to reveal the truth?

I don’t know the answer, (or do I?) but I can offer a suggestion.

Stop thinking about it so much.

Get in your body. Do something about it. Move through different choices until the answer reveals itself.

You might take that:

  1. literally - as in, dance around and move and shake until your head clears up - or
  2. figuratively - as in, act out different options until you feel what’s right or until more about the situation becomes apparent.

If you’re really not clear, there must be a reason. But you owe it to yourself to take some form of action to move the process along.

What decision do you have to make right now?

I urge you to take action by sharing it here. Go ahead. Just write it out. Very often clarity comes in the process of writing and sharing, and you never know who might be reading that might have some valuable advice to share.

No more questioning yourself. Just do it.

to making a choice whether you like it or not, jess