how to make money with your creativity

How do I do what I love and still pay the rent?

Which of my passions do I focus on and which can actually generate income?

If I do what I love, will the money just follow?


I’ve asked myself these questions many times. I’ve worked as a barista, a bar mitzvah dancer, a bakery manager, a bookkeeper. I even sold hair feathers on the street for a bit of time. True story.


I’ve gotten caught up in the New York grind of survival, and watched my artistic dreams become a tiny bleep on the radar of the past.


I’ve also gotten so frustrated by not feeling fulfilled, so regretful and nostalgic for dreams deferred, that at a certain point I had to make a change. That change has been my mission over the past few years and it’s why I make dance videos and write to you every week.


If you’re reading this, I’m guessing there’s a part of you that also feels that desire to bring more of your creative dreams to life. One of the biggest challenges I’ve come across and one that I hear often from clients and friends is “yea but…my creative dreams won’t pay the bills!”


We’re creative people, right? So why can’t we create the resources we need?


Good question. And I might have a way to help you find the answer:


My friend Kate Northrup has golden nuggets to share on this topic, in our video interview below, as well as in her new book Money: A Love Story.


Reading her book and participating in one of her programs months ago, I immediately felt a “yes!” resonate through my system. Yes to changing the starving artist mindset about money. Yes to owning our value. Yes to freedom.


It clicked something in me that got me thinking out of the box and helped me discover a brand new effortless stream of income that is still helping me today. I have a gut feeling this will open up something in you, too.


Watch our video here and click on the link below to purchase Kate’s book:

Get your copy of Money: A Love Story here


In this video interview we’ll discuss:

  • Why “do what you love and the money will follow” is NOT true.

  • One thing you can start doing now to increase your income

  • What dance has to do with all of this


Kate is a living example of freedom, abundance, and creativity, and I think you’ll, well, fall in love.


So watch the video, get the book, and tell me what you think in the comment box below!


to money, love, and you,