if looking at happy photos makes you depressed...

#malibu, courtesy of @joeyburch  

I want to share some wisdom a very special person in my life once told me.


Here’s my paraphrased version of it:


A photo only captures one moment. Usually, people post the pictures that show off their best moments. It’s easy to look at someone’s life through facebook and think that everything is “perfect.” Usually (always?) it’s not.


Don’t forget everyone is human and behind the photos there are most likely layers of struggles, loss, leaps of faith, boredom, overwhelm, impulse, emotional breakdown, and everything else in between.


Scroll through your Instagram feed with caution.

If you’re sitting on your couch alone, while it seems like everyone else is in Malibu, remember that your moment in the sun will happen too.


Instead of comparing yourself, try collecting the images that inspire you and add them to your desire list. If it’s possible for someone else, it’s totally possible for you.

Let’s inspire one another, not compete.


I love you even though I’m on the couch.