if you've ever struggled with commitment, read this...

“We are like songbirds. When one of us gives voice to our true nature, it is contagious and others soon give tongue as well. There is an infallibility to the law that as we each seek to express what we are longing to say, there is always someone or something that is longing to hear precisely what we have expressed. We do not live or create in isolation. Each of us is part of a greater whole and, as we agree to express ourselves, we agree to express the larger Self that moves through us all.” -       Julia Cameron, from Walking in this World


I am learning that it’s enough to be me.

I am learning that I can solve my own problems and answer my own questions by being fully present to them, living through them and staying open and curious.

I am learning that my “in” to this kind of presence and problem-solving is through an artistic, expressive outlet.

Through the process of creating something outside of myself, something bigger than myself, I am learning how to commit. Again. Because it seems like commitment is not a one-time deal.

By committing to myself and by immersing this self in a creative process, I force the world around me to align with that commitment. There are no longer decisions to be made, only directions to follow, for the path becomes clear and open.

And all I need to see is the step ahead of me. One foot after another, I will move.

Commit to something. See a path open up. And then take the first step.

As the last bits of August melt away, use this time to get more clarity about your visions and then start by committing to something. I'll leave out much explanation for now, but I'd love to hear from you:

How do you feel about commitment?

What do you need to commit or recommit to in your life?

Has a creative/artistic project ever felt like a microcosm for your life in helping you learn about commitment or something else?

Please share with me below.  Although parts of the creative process are executed solo, you are never alone.

As always, you’re more than welcomed to join me at the next workshop – especially if you feel like you could use a little support in unblocking and recommitting. I promise you, it’s possible.

coming full circle,