I'm a top 10 finalist for NYU's UltraViolet Live!

Exciting news:

My dance video has made it to one of the top ten finalists of the NYU Alumni Talent Show Competition! 
Thanks to your support and generous voting, I'll be performing live on October 19th, spreading the message that "it's never too late."Tickets are cheap and open to the public, and can be purchased here.

Eleven years ago when I first set foot at NYU as a freshman, I was in essence leaving my dancing dream behind. It felt more noble to study something less "selfish" and so I followed my other passion of helping people through studying psychology and establishing a career as a holistic health counselor.

Four years ago I started to realize that my desire to dance was not dead. Despite feeling scared, intimidated, and out of shape, I started to dance again. I began making the dance videos that I still make today, and finally felt like I was expressing a part of myself that had been dormant for a long time.

I don't regret the years I spent away from dance - in fact, I'm happy I took the time off. I learned and grew so much, and I now feel like a much more well-rounded and expressive dancer than I ever had the capability of in the past.

When I step onto that stage on October 19th, I intend to share my passion, have so much fun, and deliver the message that  you can take your passion & make it happen.

I dance on behalf of those in my life who aren't physically able to dance anymore. I dedicate my performance to young girls & boys everywhere who struggle with their bodies, and to those who need the courage to take one step farther in the direction of their dreams.

Even if it feels like no one is paying attention, I can assure you, they are. Keep at it. Do your thing.

A million thanks for your time, support, and love. It is most cherished.
with love,