I'm taking a break

For the first time in 3 years since starting this blog, I’m taking a break.


(Not because I don’t love talking with you.)


I did a lot of checking in with myself before making this decision official. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t copping out of my commitments or hiding in a weird way.


The conclusion I came to is this:


As I checked in with my inner stirrings and the external winter season that’s upon us, I recognized the need to take a pause and embrace emptiness. I realized I wanted to do more listening than talking right now.


I’ve been pushing a lot lately, putting a lot of stuff out there into the world, and often feeling too rushed to even process what’s fully happening.


I’ve been getting into “I-have-to-do-this-blog-post” mode (wa-waaa), rather than “I’m-so-friggin’-psyched-to-get-this-out-there-let-me-high-five-you” mode.


In all transparency, I’m also tired of doing things so last-minute. Although it works for me a lot of the time, and there’s something about the excitement of the weekly deadline that motivates and inspires me, I’m ready to dig even deeper. Ready to see what else is lurking beneath the surface so that I can share with you even more powerful tools and insights, and maybe even - gasp! - plan some stuff out way in advance.


Really, this is me walking my talk. (Or should I say dancing my talk.)


As you might have already noticed, in all the programs I lead and the classes I teach, I emphasize the importance of the creative cycle and keeping the balance of production (the push OUT) and process (the look IN).


In other words -


There’s a time for launching, building, and sharing OUT into the world.

And there’s a time for empty space, marinating, and contemplating withIN oneself.


In my world, it’s time for the latter.


So over the next month, my main work focus will be:

  1. putting my full love and attention into my private clients

  2. marinating on ideas that have been brewing, and starting to make a plan with it all

  3. taking in inspiration as much as possible and making dance videos when inspired


So I’m not going to be writing for a few weeks, most likely until January 2015, which will be the 3 year anniversary of Creative Fridays.

Expect something new, something fresh, when that time comes.


And in the meantime, take care of you.


I’m sharing all this with you in detail because I value honesty, rawness, and vulnerability. I want you to know what’s going on behind the scenes, because maybe some ounce of it will help you in your process.

If you’ve ever felt so tied to the hustle that stopping was not an option, it might be time to re-evaluate.


What would be possible if you actually gave yourself more space and time?


I really encourage you to take whatever steps you need to take in your own life and work, to honor and nurture where you’re at right now.


Make the space you need.

Take the time you need.

I have a feeling our paths will still stay connected through the ether - From my end, that’s the intention.


If you want to stay more directly connected, there are a few options:

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Join me on Instagram, where I’ll be posting dance videos and the like. We can stay in touch and I can {heart} all your awesome photos until I dance back into your inbox in the new year! (You can find me there as @jessgrippo)



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I also have a few spots opening up for private coaching work in 2015, so if that’s something you’ve been contemplating, let’s set up a time to talk this month.




It would make me the happiest dancer ever to hear from you here, one last time in 2014.


So please take a moment to share something in the comment box below, even if you’re not the type who tends to comment.


What is this stirring up in YOU?

How do you want to close out YOUR 2014?

Are you being called to slow down or push forward right now?

             Tell me!!

And remember -

Even without words streaming across our internet connection, I’m dancing with you and cheering you on.


Your biggest moves and most daring dreams are in you, just waiting to be unveiled. Sometimes you just need a little space to find them.



with a humble bow and a heart full of dance,